6 Holiday Video Marketing Tips

It’s almost the holiday season – can you believe it?! That means your business should be ready to tackle holiday marketing in full force. For video marketers, the holidays are a chance to be a little more creative, entertaining, and personable with the communication between them and their consumers. The way you approach this type of marketing needs to be well thought out when it comes to your tone, how you reference the holidays, and even when to send things out. Grabbing the attention of prospects in a time where everyone is at the top of their game is important and can be achieved with the right tactics. Here are a few tips to optimize your video marketing content for this upcoming holiday season:

Don’t Go Straight For The Hard Sell

Use the holidays as a chance to use a genuine and personal tone in your content. This is a great opportunity to create something that isn’t too heavy on the marketing, product, sales side etc., but to show the good-natured culture of your brand. Building a congenial relationship with your audience can go a long way.

Focus On The Right Holiday For Your Video Campaign

Remember: not everyone celebrates Christmas. The last thing you want to do in a heartwarming holiday video is offend anyone in your audience. Make conscious decisions on how you’re going to incorporate the entirety of your audience before jumping right into production. Use terms like “holiday season” and agnostic symbols such as wrapped gifts, candles, and evergreen trees to stay neutral.

Use Well-Known Holiday Themes And References

Doing a spinoff or your own version of a well-known holiday theme, song, movie or story is a great idea for holiday video marketing, but make sure beforehand that it will have meaning to your audience. For example, Kmart’s ‘Show Your Joe’ campaign in 2013 may have been a bit bold and some would say brash, but Kmart was proud of the success it led the toward. If you choose to go down this route, just be mindful when choosing your holiday references.

Publish Your Video Early Enough To Obtain An Audience

If you plan to reach other businesses or companies, keep in mind that many people take off early for the holidays. Christmas is on a Monday this year, so think about sending your content out at least a week prior to that if you want to have a good amount of feedback. Give it time to work its way around and don’t forget to distribute it onto your social media platforms for a wider reach.

Include A Strong Call To Action

As we have said in previous blog posts, having a clear and concise call to action is extremely important in the video marketing industry. This is what merges your audience into the next step after watching your heartfelt message. Remember to keep in mind that this is not the time for hard selling, so consider pointing them in a direction that is valuable to both parties and isn’t all about you. There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to your call to action, but stay in the spirit of giving and positivity that is traditionally centered around the holiday season.

Do you have your own personal tips that you want to make known? Share your thoughts with us by contacting us or visiting our site. We’re listening!

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