7 Common Sales Objections and How to Overcome Them

Often times, the key to understanding what is stopping a potential client from making a decision in your favor can be a number of different options. Once you understand their hesitation, you can reply directly to the issue. These are the seven most common sales objections you are likely to hear during your meetings.

The Cost of the Service

At the end of the day, the notion of the bottom line stops people from purchasing a service. You will often hear, “Your service is too much and I can get the ‘same’ service from elsewhere.” This is when you start breaking down the cost of what you’re offering, and make it known, you are the best option for their needs. You can overcome this hesitation by focusing on the unique needs you bring to the table that the competition cannot offer them.

Complacency and How to Overcome This Obstacle

What exactly is complacency? Complacency is a feeling of satisfaction with your own abilities that prevent you from moving forward. It makes sense, in business if something is working why would you change it? However, this is not always true. It is important to let your potential client know that the market is changing and to stay relevant and keep making money, changes need to be made. We live in a digital world! This is why video marketing is so relevant and important to keep businesses making money. 

The Notion of Fear of Change

You might have a potential client walk in and be hesitant about video marketing and marketing in general because they’ve never done it before! The fear of change can make it difficult for many business owners to take the next step forward. The best way to help your potential client overcome this fear is explain how the industry has changed and how they can adapt to these changes easier. As a business owner or a sales person, explain how you’ll help guide them through the change and you’ll be the cushion they can land on for support. This can help them be less fearful and more open to the new possibilities.

Let Them Know They Can Trust You

Next to complacency and fear of change, this is a difficult barrier to overcome in any business situation. Trust is something that takes time and effort. You need to show your client thart they can trust you. It is important to keep an open line of communication at all times, be forthcoming with information, share testimonials, show them the results, and show them the work you’ve done before! This will start to mend a relationship between you and the potential or new client.

It Could Involve Personal Politics

Sometimes there is nothing you can do about different connections the client has. This might mean they have a cousin in video marketing and they feel as if they have to let them do the marketing. If this is the problem, just think ahead. Let the client explain what they will be having their personal connection be doing and how you can expand on the idea. You can always take over after the initial video is produced.

There is an External Factor or Person

When someone runs a business, more than likely, they have a business partner or go-to person they run all changes and ideas by. The best way to make sure the potential client becomes the new client is to involve and invite the external person to another meeting. This way you can answer any questions or concerns in person or over the phone.

It’s All About Timing

Often times, business person hear from clients, “I am just too busy. I don’t have the time. Call me back in six months.” Overcome this by making the decision to hire you an easy one. You can explain how your video marketing company does everything for the client. You already have the camera equipment, the trained professionals, the experience as a small business owner and more. Make it a no-brainer that this client can hire you!

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