9 Techniques To Guarantee A Successful Call To Action

Every website should have a call to action – a response you want users to act upon. Every website should have a goal it wants its users to achieve. An effective call to action focuses attention on your site, is a way to measure the success of your site through analytics, and provides direction for your users.

Focus On Value

Before a user decides to complete a call to action, they have to recognize the need to do so. Infomercials are a great example of this. They exemplify a problem and then show their audience the solution and how to fix it. Communicating the benefits of responding to your call to action is essential. Be careful not to lose clarity in your creativity. Being clear, succinct, unique, and memorable is key.

Address The User’s Call To Action

When a user completes a call to action, it is a sign of trust. Whether they are providing you with personal information or other details, this may bring up questions, comments, and concerns. The user should not have to go looking very far to receive further information. Always assure them that they are able to opt out by unsubscribing if they choose to do so in the future.

Keep It Clear, Concise, And Limited

It is important to focus in on your actions. If you have too many, the user will become overwhelmed and may decide to leave the website. By limiting a number of things to look at, the user has a reduced amount of mental effort and is more likely to respond. Guide the user step by step and they will follow along. Calls to action will vary on each website, but making them distinctive is what matters most.

Think About Positioning

Another factor to consider is the position of your call to action on the page. Placing it at a high point and in the middle is the most effective positioning. Be careful not to place other distracting features on the page such as faces, or large photos. Make sure to draw attention to the call to action at the right time or the user may not understand or show interest.

Use Negative Space

The space surrounding your call to action is also important. The more blank space you put around your call to action, the more visible it will be to your users. If you surround your call to action with other words or things for the user to look at, you may lose the message to the business of the page.

Consider Different Colors And Pay Attention To Size

Color is an effective way to draw your users in to the message that you want them to get out of the page. If your site has a majority of the same color this will be even more compelling. Keep in mind that some users may be color blind, so take into account all of the factors listed above as well. Size also comes into play when it comes to your call to action. The bigger your call to action is, the more noticable it will be to your users.

Always Follow Through

Consider the fact that not every user is going to respond to your call to action. The rest of the process is just as important. Even when a user clicks or replies to a call to action, the process is far from over. When you transition into the process that follows the initial interest in the call the action, make sure to streamline the final steps. Distractions may prevent the user from finishing the process.


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