Ad Campaigns That Have Soared In 2018 (So Far!)

As the first two quarters of 2018 near completion, there have been campaigns all over the world that have stood out to us and all their viewers. These strong brand names have successfully planned, created, and executed winning campaign ideas this year.


Apple has recently created a number of short films for the French sector of their market for the new “Shot On iPhone” campaign. These videos offer a contemporary, modern look at the streets of Marseille, Paris, and Lyon.

The videos used in the campaign, were shot using an iPhone X, one of Apple’s most recent products. This campaign went worldwide and reached millions of people. The black and white films were director by a Parisian photographer in order to pay tribute to the city’s musical and visual aspects.

The music played in them can also be purchased on Apple Music! The call to action included with this campaign encouraged Apple users to capture their city from their perspective shot through the lens of their own iPhone.


You may have heard about the historic meeting that just took place between President Trump and North Korea’s President Kim Jong Un. Coca-Cola wanted to commemorate this meeting by creating a can of Coke with the iconic “swirl” and a cartoon image of the two leaders shaking hands.

The cans also include a logo half written in English and half in Korean. The message reads "Here's to peace, hope and understanding." This version of an animation i likely to go viral on social media. This type of marketing can be controversial because it involves political leaders, but with a positive message and a hashtag "#TastethefeelingofHope," it is sure to succeed.


Adidas capitalized this year on a World Cup campaign with 56 celebrities including David Beckham, Pharrell Williams, Karlie Kloss, and many others. This 90 second ad escorted viewers backstage of a huge arena with rapper A$AP Ferg as MC telling the audience that “Creativity is the answer."

At the end of the short film, soccer player Lionel Messi is tearing up a sheet of paper that has “the rules” on it and Pharrell Williams passes the mic on to the viewer saying "It's over to you."

This star-studded campaign is sure to grab the attention of fans all over the world. The brand will also be adapting to regions and tailoring content to them specifically. Adidas encourages people to create their own content and use the hashtag #HereToCreate on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

What is your favorite campaign so far in 2018? Let us know on our social media sites!

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