Common Video Marketing Mistakes You Could Be Making (Part 1)

Strong video content has been proven to help businesses reach target markets, engage with consumers, and receive a return on their investment. Video has become the staple for many brands because of its amazing benefits. In some cases, however, businesses make a wrong decision and their video content can actually do more harm than good. Although, these common mistakes have easy fixes, avoiding them you will produce truly effective video content.

Too Promotional

Producing online videos that feel extremely promotional and sales-y usually won’t go over well with your consumers. Instead, focus less on selling and more on telling a story. You can provide a unique experience for your audience in a short amount of time that will leave them feeling whatever way you wish to sway your video. Take advantage of that and engage in storytelling in an entertaining, informative, and memorable way.

Lack Of Strategy

There should always be an element of your business in the video content you produce. Branding and being able to stand out among competitors is extremely important. If this is not achieved, consumers won’t get to know your brand and you won’t be on their radar. Find a balance between promotion and branding that fits what you want to represent. Logos and calls to action will help keep your consumer consistently focused and engaged.

Lose Interest Quickly

A good rule of thumb to go by is always say what you mean and mean what you say. Rambling and giving too many details will deter the audience’s attention. Internet surfers don’t have very long attention spans and getting to the point is important if you want to keep them interested. Depending on the type of your video, there are standard lengths that you should follow if you want to be successful.

Lack Of Entertainment

People love to be entertained, especially on the Internet. A large percentage of people watch videos purely for their entertainment value. Remember that entertainment doesn’t always have to be funny, it can tug at your heartstrings or help you to learn something that you never knew before. All industries (even the “boring” ones) can bring entertainment value to their video content with the right tools. Creativity is key.

Stay tuned next week for more mistakes your business could be making!

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