Common Video Marketing Mistakes You Could Be Making (Part 2)

As we mentioned last week, strong video content has been proven to help businesses reach target markets, engage with consumers, and receive a return on their investment. Video has become the staple for many brands because of its amazing benefits. In some cases, however, businesses make a wrong decision and their video content can actually do more harm than good. Although, these common mistakes have easy fixes and by avoiding them you will produce truly effective video content.

Information Overload

Make sure that you are spreading out all of your facts in a multitude of places. If you include everything in just one video, your audience may get overwhelmed and click out before they get through the entire video. This will ultimately hurt your bounce rate. Try sticking to one main point throughout your video. If you have a lot of ideas and information, that’s a great thing! This means that you will be able to create multiple videos that will reach an even larger audience with more potential customers.

“Going Viral”

You should never create a video with a main goal of “going viral” because most people will see right through this strategy. Instead, think about how you can benefit your viewers and what they can get out of watching your video. Identifying their interests and needs is extremely important. Knowing these two things will help you create something that they are truly fascinated by, and if it goes viral that is always a plus!

You Aren’t Patient

Uploading a video and expecting a giant amount of results overnight simply isn’t plausible. After you upload your video, your work should continue. In some ways, the days following your upload are the most crucial. Try setting precise and attainable goals for your video campaign. If you don’t check off every little thing on your list, don’t panic. There is always room for improvement – so look at it as an opportunity.

Not Optimized For Distribution

If you want more engagement with your videos, there are many things you can do. Use keywords to optimize your SEO strategy. Share your videos on a number of different platforms. Create a video landing page on your website. If you want your video to be distributed properly, you have to make it easy for viewers to find it and share it with their friends.

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