Developing a video marketing strategy for your business in four steps

Successful video marketing needs to have a good strategy behind it. With screens in everyone’s hand and on everyone’s desk, it’s imperative to have good videos for your business so you can connect with your customers.

What steps go into developing a successful video marketing strategy for your business?

Step 1 : Define the purpose of your strategy.

The purpose of your video marketing can’t be defined as just “sell more of our product or service.” The purpose should be stated to include that you want to educate or entertain or inspire your audience. This is the content that gets shared and remembered.

Think of it like Chris Savage from Wistia does, this “mission-based marketing” should be seen as:

“creating content that furthers your mission, instead of making content that sells your product.”

In this step, you should also be sure to:

  • Know who your ideal target audience is.

  • Understand what makes that target audience share, like, or buy their favorite brands.

  • Start thinking about creating that content that you know they will want, need or appreciate the most.

Step 2 : Determine the topics and formats to include in your video marketing content.

Once you understand who your target audience is and what the purpose of your strategy will be, it’s time to start thinking about specific topics and how you’d like to present those topics to your audience.

Some common formats are: how-to videos, brand stories, narratives, animated videos, and even gifs.

The goal in this step is to provide something of value that your viewers will appreciate and share with their own networks.

Step 3 : Decide who will produce your video marketing.

There are agencies across the U.S. who provide these services, but we’d very much like to just say: Hire us!

Hiring Tip: When you are looking to hire a video marketing or video production company, make sure that their vision lines up with what you had in mind for your strategy.

Step 4 : Know where, how, and when to promote your video marketing pieces.

Research the various video platforms out there to find one that works the best for your business. Two of the most popular are YouTube and Vimeo. YouTube is ranked higher, and has been referred to as a search engine on its own since so many people look for content directly on their site.

Upload your video and then promote it on your social media channels, in your email marketing, and on your own website.

Let your network know about your new video and ask them to share it.

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