Event video production ideas

You’ve got another big company event coming up. That’s great, but you may want to consider video marketing to help boost your event. From live broadcasting to webcasts, there is so much you can do to help your company. Video marketing is one of the newest additions to add to your toolbox. It’s also one of the latest trends in business, and it can be very beneficial.

Event presentation videos

An event, like speeches or presentations by guests can be captured for future viewing. They could be motivational speeches you show new hires, or presentations on the power of social media you show for future meetings to keep your business partners all on the same page. Event presentation videos can help help your company continue to gain value from an event even after the event has passed. An event presentation video can be accessed by those who could not attend the event.

Event presentation videos are very easy to capture. They can be captured by a single camera, multi-camera setup or even a properly set up laptop camera ready to record.  It’s also very affordable. Many times you’ll be able to use your own equipment, making the video free to produce for your business. Other times you may only have to pay a single photographer to capture the video using their cameras.

Live broadcast

Broadcasting an event live is one of the best ways to reach and engage with a large audience. Especially on social media platforms. Not only can this help your social media engagement, but it can also gain a new audience to your business. Today many events are webcast through internet and streaming services so that views can have the live experience in their own home.

Live streaming also usually uses either a single camera or multi-cameras. Live broadcasting and webcasting is simple in comparison to many other video productions, as it doesn’t involve much editing. It will require someone with exceptional camera skills or a qualified professional who is aware of video flow to alter the focus of the camera if needed.

Promotional videos

Prior to an event, promotional videos can be used to sell the event to your targeted audience. Promotional videos should be designed to show potential attendees the value of the event to them. What the attendees can hope to gain and learn from the event in addition to what will transpire. A variety of promotional events can be produced leading up to the event itself, geared at slowly building awareness and anticipation.

Highlight reel

Highlight reels are created from an assortment of video captured throughout the event itself. Following the event a highlight reel can be used to display the most exciting and important parts of the event for those who could not attend. Highlight reels are an excellent way to increase the value of an event after it’s over. Generally, highlight reels are formed post-production all of the other video such as webcasts and streams.

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