Food-based videos become significant tool for marketing strategies.

The immense popularity of food-based videos nowadays is proof audiences have an obsession with food. Videos on versatile cuisines, desserts, and drinks are quickly on the rise. There’s no doubt that the visual treat offered by food-based videos, appeals to audiences all over the world. It’s only made them a major player in food marketing strategies at a global level.

Targeting the smartphone generation

The prime reason behind the popularity of food-based videos, is the rise in mobile-based cooking tutorials that is giving a new platform for marketers all over the world to capitalize on. Most millennials rely on smartphones for everything, including cooking different recipes. Today, food videos have become a significant part of food marketing strategies applied by entrepreneurs. In fact, out of all the different types of marketing for food, videos top the chart.

Popular food marketing strategies

If we take the case of Grey Goose, its innovative experiential marketing strategies have helped drive sales of its luxury vodka brand through the roof. Grey Goose launched a French style bakery that made bread with the same wheat used to create its vodka. The result was evident, as vodka sales increased in cities where brand activation had taken place. Along the same line, Laughing Cow’s brand success story also proves that food-based marketing campaigns are here to stay.

Perks of integrating food-based videos in your strategy

Brands in the food industry can grow their business enormously by enlisting the help of food-based video marketing.

Food-based videos give you a chance to create crave-worthy content for your audiences, along with giving them an opportunity to be a part of the process as a whole when creating the dish. With the help of food-based videos, you can introduce your flavor profile, your recipes and your chef to the audience. This creates an authentic and engaging experience for your audience.

Video content rules social media, and if your food-based video content is buzz-worthy, it will definitely ensure success for your business. By making your presence felt on social media with the help of your food-based videos, you also open a new avenue for a larger customer base for your business.

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