Foolproof Ways To Make Sure That Your Brand Continues To Evolve

Looking back at a year in retrospect is a great way to see how brands are evolving over time and changing their marketing strategies and campaigns. Innovation and standing out from the rest is something that all successful brands strive for. Making a video that people love to watch and feel encouraged to share with friends is the name of the game. Here are some ways to make sure that you evolve your own brand’s video marketing campaign.

Grasp The Attention Of Consumers

In this day and age, brands are coming to realize that the reach of an advertisement isn’t the only thing to focus on. Creativity and relatability is important, but getting your consumers to act upon a call to action after viewing an ad isn’t easy for many brands. Whatever audience you may be targeting, looking into and applying demographics, context and behavior may lead you to a rise in favorabili ty. When an ad feels like it is personally directed at your audience, they are more likely to pay attention to it.

Make The Most Out Of Short Ads

Many brands jumped on board for short (often six second) videos. Although it may be hard to get across everything a brand wants to say in such a short amount of time, it can also be seen as an opportunity to utilize some ideas that may not have been achievable otherwise. You can include a series of sequential ads, tug at the heartstrings, or educate your audience if you are able to execute correctly.

Take Advantage Of Live Events

Centering marketing campaigns around live events like the Olympics, a big election, the Super Bowl, or the Grammys is not an easy venture, but it can pay off big time for some brands. Being prepared and acting quickly are vital when it comes to live event marketing campaigns. For example, the brand Beats By Dre had Tom Brady as a brand ambassador for the 2017 Super Bowl. Because the event was live, the company had to think quickly on its feet and ended up launching a video campaign via YouTube which they blew up on social media. This allowed for a Patriot win or loss.

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