How to get your YouTube videos to rank on search engines

Video marketing is the future of marketing for several reasons: it’s more engaging, more memorable, tells a story easier and is more popular! How can people view your videos? A business can upload their videos onto YouTube!

The second largest search engine on the Internet is YouTube! A successful video marketing campaign is the first step in getting your video watched, the next step involves Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your YouTube videos.  

This is how to optimize your SEO strategy so your video appears first on YouTube.

Good Quality Content

YouTube wants great, quality content. You need to present interesting and unique content that can help people solve problems, educate, inform and entertain. No matter what your video is, make sure it is quality content. How will you stand out among the rest?  

Transcribe Your Videos

As we stated above, YouTube is the second largest search engine. Just like Google, YouTube needs content in your videos. Without content the video can’t be searched. The transcription is just the text of what was discussed in the video. Once you transcribe make sure it has the following elements inside – title, description, text and keywords.

When you transcribe your video, come up with an engaging description on YouTube. The first two to three sentences are what viewers are reading. You need to grab their attention within these few sentences. The rest of your description will be missed when a viewer needs to click “see more.” The total character limit on a video description is 5,000! The shorter the better.  

Optimize tags

What is a tag? A tag tells viewers what the video is about and the objective. Is the video a DIY or video game review?

A business or brand specific tag is needed for your businesses channel. This can help you rank on YouTube and Google. Once you start to rank and get regular viewers, these viewers will be searching for your business channel specifically!

What does YouTube suggest for tags on your video? It might give you an unexpected boost in ranking. At the end of the day, the recommended tags can help you reach a larger audience and help YouTube index your business channel.

Warning! Be careful with tags – the wrong tag or irrelevant tag can penalize your business on YouTube.

Subtitles and closed captions

A step that is often forgotten about in a successful video marketing strategy on YouTube is adding subtitles and closed captions. A study was done on YouTube for videos with and without closed captions. The results said the videos with closed captions ranked higher in Google and YouTube’s index.

Overall, your video will benefit from subtitles and closed captions if there are these following issues:

  • There is poor sound quality.

  • It’s difficult to understand you.

  • There might be buffering and internet issues.

This is a simple step you can add at the end of your video. You will need to upload a separate transcript, but YouTube and Google will search this on your videos.

Before your business can rank on YouTube, you need a successful video marketing strategy. At Carley Creative, we can offer the best videos to add to your business YouTube channel. The right video can open the doors for your business.


Carley Creative is a full-service video production company based in Seattle, Washington and Austin, Texas. We offer a wide range of professional videos that will transform your website with the content you need. If you or someone you know is interested, don’t be afraid to contact us for more information!

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