How to promote your video content

So you post a video to your social media account, a blog site, or your own website, but it’s not getting very many views. How do you increase your views, spreading it across the world wide web for all to see?

Start by using an SEO Strategy

What is an SEO strategy? SEO stands for search engine optimization, and is an important phrase, especially for small businesses. Having an SEO strategy will ensure that your video can be found in a search engine when using words or phrases that are the most relevant to the video you are trying get noticed. You may also hear about a Social SEO

Why is SEO important?

Search engine optimization is important on many levels. In this day in age, SEO is vital to helping your  business grow and reach new heights.

Here are more reasons why:

  • SEO can help your video be one of the top videos in the search engine, helping your video be more likely to be seen.
  • Media users are more likely to trust videos with a website seen in the top ten positions.
  • SEO can put your video over the edge. If two videos are telling or showing you the same thing, a quality SEO strategy can place your video above others.

Getting more views

As technology continues to explode, there are more and more places to post your videos so that they are seen. Some of the most popular places to post videos are YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. When posting a video there are a few things to remember, one of the most important is your video title.

  • Each video should have a unique title that accurately gives the best description of your video.
  • Make sure the title is descriptive, but brief.
    • Example: Outgoing Swimmer Dances To Beyonce, Hairy Dog Gets Shocking Haircut, Tourist Escapes Lion’s Bite
  • Video descriptions should always help it’s viewer know that the video content is about.

SEO Keywords

Using proper keywords will help your video be seen by a bigger audience. It will make it possible for viewers to directly find your makeup tutorial, perfect peach cobbler recipe, or video debuting your latest store fashion trends.

For the best results on keyword SEO when posting your peach cobbler recipe, make sure the keywords perfect, peach, and cobbler are in your video’s title, URL, and any hashtag associated with the video.


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