How Your Business Will Benefit From Video Marketing

Right now, video marketing is all the rage. The best websites, Facebook pages and Instagram feeds ramp up traffic with video content that enthralls the business’ target audience in a creative and captivating way. Whether it’s a quick creative video or a 4-minute informational film, every business can benefit from promotional video production.


If you’ve been on Facebook in the past few months, chances are you’ve seen a number of foodie videos fill your timeline. They’ve swept social media and typically have a very high engagement rate.

Restaurants and bars can benefit from video production by highlighting their menu and atmosphere, but there is also a huge opportunity to get creative. Featuring your bartender’s signature drink, your chef’s premium special or your staff’s crazy tradition for customers’ birthdays can create authentic video content for your website and social channels.

Car Dealerships

When someone is buying a new car, they don’t want to read about a potential option, they want to see it. Video marketing allows car dealerships to highlight impressive features of new makes and models of their cars. The videos allow the potential customers to see the cars in a real life, 3D setting rather than 2D images on the website.


Real estate agents can utilize promotional video production in a number of ways to help make their lives and their clients’ lives easier. Listing videos allow potential buyers to see a real-life walkthrough of the home, encouraging them to make an appointment for a showing. Picture galleries can limit angles while videos show a 360-view.  Agents can also create videos to walk buyers through the process of house hunting and share their best tips and tricks.


Videos featuring hotel amenities help set your business apart from others. Customers have a large variety of hotel options to choose from and on the surface, every hotel can appear to be the same. Utilizing video production to educate customers on unique hotel features brings the customer into the true hotel experience. Videos capture the essence of the place they potentially want to stay and drive the potential sale.


While healthcare marketing faces unique challenges, there is still a number of opportunities for your practice to capitalize on promotional video production. Practices can use video marketing to share patient testimonials and build their brand image. It’s proven that people trust people, so when potential clients hear about current patients positive experiences, they will be more drawn to the practice. Additionally, videos highlighting doctors, nurses and staff help foster a welcoming environment so patients can get to know who they are seeing.

Educational Institutions  

Whether your target audience is parents picking out their first-born daughter’s preschool or high school students choosing which college to attend, educational institutes that use video marketing have a leg up on their competitors. Videos allow schools to capture the true essence of their community and values and show the day to day lives of their students. Informational videos provide the basic information potential students need to know. Tours immerse students and parents into the school’s campus life and help the students picture themselves there. Student testimonials also make the school search more relatable in the midst of a stressful decision.

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