Phases of video production

Video production has to be well-planned out and strategic to be successful. Most video productions involve a lot of different components and moving parts. As a creative and technical pursuit, it’s critical for everything to be accounted for once the camera starts rolling.


There are many different types of video production. There are tutorials, testimonials, commercials, informative videos and so much more. The type of video is going to define the format you are shooting and the resources required to get the video done properly.

Next you’ll want to identify your target audience. The production’s most important aspect is going to be the audience you want to see your video. That could be young adults between 18 and 25, or mom’s between 30 and 50. The demographic you are trying to reach is going to directly impact the tone of your production.

Lastly, you’ll want to brainstorm ideas for the production. Every production is both art and science, so it is very important to get creative. You’ll want to find completely new and totally unique ways of displaying your vision.


Pre-production planning is a less abstract and more specific form of planning. This is where the story boarding will be planned out with each individual scene including a written script. Pre-production should include every asset that the production needs from top to bottom. That includes equipment rentals, talent and quotes for all the items that are going to have to be rented or purchased. The detailed planning is going to help you stay on budget and meeting deadlines.


Production can be the most intense and time-sensitive phase of any video project. A well managed production needs to function like a well-oiled machine. Every hour of production is going to incur substantial costs. The length of the production and how complex it is, will be based on the type of video being produced.


Post-production is when the shots are actually assembled. This is when the production will start to take shape. During which time the video and audio will be cleaned, errors will be corrected, and scenes that were shot during production will be placed into their final sequential order.


Once videos have been successfully produced, it’s time for them to be marketed and distributed. This again will all depend on your target audience. Younger audiences look towards social media, while older audiences may look towards local television. Either way, online platforms are generally the most accessible and cost-effective route.

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