Reasons Your Small Business Needs Video Production And Marketing (Part 1)

For all small businesses alike, video has the potential to open many doors including the opportunity to educate and entertain your audience. Despite its massive growth, many small companies still do not take advantage of the powerful tool that is video production and marketing. High quality video is no longer reserved exclusively for large corporations. Currently, everyone has the ability to capture and create powerful video footage that will engage your consumers. Consider hiring Carley Creative to create an impressive video campaign that will stun your viewers. Here are more reasons your small business should be using video production and marketing to its advantage.

Create A Memorable Experience

Did you know that video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019? People remember an effectively produced video after they see it. It is a loud and crazy world out there with a lot of online content to sort through. Find a way to stand out and showcase why your company is the best option for consumers by offering them an enjoyable experience that they are sure to remember. Get your message across in a successful way by utilizing captivating video production.

Reach All Of Your Consumers

When it comes to audience tactics, you must strive to cater your information towards the audience you are trying to reach. Tilt your strategy to focus in their direction and what they like to spend their time doing. It is also important to find out what social sites your audience is most active on, because this is where you will want to upload any videos. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Pinterest, all of the available platforms allow you to push your video to those who care the most about it. Fortunately, nearly all age groups enjoy video, so the chances are if your demographic changes, your content will be easily adaptable.

Engage With Mobile Users

People that view videos on their desktop usually tend to stick around for about 2 minutes or less. Mobile users, however, have an attention span of 2.5 to 5 minutes depending on the type of device. As a result, you should definitely focus on the mobile users out there that are interested in your business. The heightened attention span of these mobile users is another advantage to using video production in your marketing strategy.

Stay tuned next week for more reasons that your small business should be utilizing video production and marketing!

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Carley Creative is a full-service video production company based in Austin, Texas, and expanding to Seattle, Washington. Carley Creative offers a wide range of professional video services ranging from corporate explainer videos, to animation, to narrative films and commercials. If your business is searching for agency-quality video work that will not break the bank, we’d love to hear more about your next project.

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