Reasons Your Small Business Needs Video Production And Marketing (Part 2)

As we mentioned last week, video is a doorway to education, entertainment, and persuasion. Small companies need to take advantage of the powerful tool that is video production and marketing. Consider hiring Carley Creative to create an impressive video campaign that will stun your viewers. Here are more reasons why your small business should be using video production and marketing to its competitive advantage.

Help Customers Understand What You Have To Offer

When you are face to face with someone, it can be a lot easier to sell them a product or service. So the question becomes how can you effectively market your products and services online? This is where video comes into play. Video provides an opportunity to explain things to your consumer as if you were talking directly to them.

Persuade Your Consumer

The Internet offers us access to millions of users that could not be reached before. Although it can still be difficult to make a sale online, with a strong marketing plan that includes video production, your business can soar to its heights. According to Video Brewery, about 50% of all people that viewed an online video went on to make a purchase. This statistic in itself shows proof. There is no better reason to use video marketing than to increase your revenue.

Provide An Intimate Experience

Small business owners tend to feel extremely passionate about their work. This passion is contagious and your consumers want to see that from you. Make sure to create a personalized buying experience that will impress anyone. It is important to relate to your audience and find out what they need from you. Your job is to educate them about your services and hope that they see your authenticity and react in your favor.

When all is said and done, video production and marketing are important components to your small business. Think about branding throughout your entire strategy. Using these tips, you will build a strong brand that people can trust and rely on. If you are interested in creating a corporate video, contact us at Carley Creative and we will help your through the entire process.

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Carley Creative is a full-service video production company based in Austin, Texas, and expanding to Seattle, Washington. Carley Creative offers a wide range of professional video services ranging from corporate explainer videos, to animation, to narrative films and commercials. If your business is searching for agency-quality video work that will not break the bank, we’d love to hear more about your next project.

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