Scripting Tips For Your Animated Corporate Video

There is nothing worse than sitting through a boring training video or  corporate explainer video with a monotone voice coming from a talking head. Successful video marketing involves many different types of videos including animated, explainer, marketing, testimonials, training, social media, and live-action.

Today, we are going to look at some scripting tips for animated corporate videos to boost your business’ online engagement.

Most animated video scripts follow a traditional scripting process that uses a traditional beginning, middle, and end.

They generally answer these three questions:

  1. What – What problem is your target audience having that you can  solve?

  2. How – How does your product or service solve this issue in a way that the consumer cannot on their own?

  3. Why – Why should the audience choose your solution over another provider’s?

This is a tried-and-true process that works well for video scripts.

In all cases, though, it is imperative to try and present the answers to these questions in the most creative way possible. Tell a story. Paint a picture. Make your audience feel the need to call or email you as soon as they are done watching the video. Leave them craving for more information.

Additional Scripting Tips For Animated Corporate Videos:

  • Keep it short. The longer a video is, the less likely people are to watch the entire thing (this includes your call-to-action at the end!).

  • Get straight to the point. Luckily, with video animation, a lot of information is presented visually, so less speech is needed.

  • Focus on your viewer. Do not try to sell to them directly. Use the animations to present information and help them understand your solution and why it is best. Discuss the benefits of your solution as opposed to its features.

  • Experiment with humor. Few video genres lend themselves to humor more than animated video does. Research has found that funny content is more likely to be shared than serious content. If you can find a humorous angle for your video, go with it. Don’t force it, though!

  • Have a clear call-to-action at the end. For successful video marketing, it is imperative to include a singular call-to-action at the end. Having multiple calls-to-action will only confuse your viewers. Decide on one action that you want them to take and run with that. Do you want them to visit your website? Do you want them to place their first order? Do you want them to call you? What do you want your viewers to do as the very next thing after watching your animated video?

If you are interested in creating an animated corporate video, contact us at Carley Creative and we will help you through the entire process, like we did here for PROS Guidance:

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Carley Creative is a full-service video production company based in Austin, Texas, and expanding to Seattle, Washington. Carley Creative offers a wide range of professional video services ranging from corporate explainer videos, to animation, to narrative films and commercials. If your business is searching for agency-quality video work that will not break the bank, we’d love to hear more about your next project.

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