SEO Tips For Optimizing Your Video Campaign

Video has become the most widely consumed form of digital media on the web. If you do not have a video marketing campaign yet, now is time to jump on the bandwagon! Carley Creative is an expert in both the Austin and Seattle areas for video production, so we understand the importance of optimizing your video content. We will help with the production of your video, but it is also important to be aware of search engine optimization once your videos have launched and how it can affect your business’ traffic. With the following tips, you will be able to optimize your video content to come up at the top of search engines every time.

Optimize Your Content

Before you can focus on sending out video to consumers, it is important to think about the content you will be putting forward. When you are considering content for your video, make sure it is shareable and linkable. In order to do this, you must provide your audience with relevant and relatable information that they will want to share with their friends and family. Make sure your video is high-quality, engaging, and pertinent to your audience.

Optimize Your Thumbnails

Thumbnails are something that some may overlook, but this is the first glance your viewer gets into your video’s content. Thumbnails significantly affect the number of clicks you will obtain, so you want to make sure that the thumbnail you choose is impactful and the content that will be in the video is clearly displayed. Leaving your audience wanting to know more or using a cliffhanger can reel their attention in almost immediately. Your thumbnail should be exciting, colorful, clear, and authentic.

Utilize Captions

Google is a database full of text, so including text as a caption with your video will earn you more recognition from Google as well as other search engines. Attaching text to your video will convert it into the proper format that will be detected by Google. Therefore, the more text you include, the more Google will pay attention to your video. Things like video transcriptions, lyrics, and translations are ways to get to a substantial amount of text attached to your video, leading you to the top of your competition.

Make sure your video is ranked at the top of Google by utilizing these valuable video SEO tips. Stay tuned for part 2 next week!

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Carley Creative is a full-service video production company based in Austin, Texas, and expanding to Seattle, Washington. Carley Creative offers a wide range of professional video services ranging from corporate explainer videos, to animation, to narrative films and commercials. If your business is searching for agency-quality video work that will not break the bank, we’d love to hear more about your project.

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