Telling A Story Through Video Marketing

Think of how often videos play a role in our  lives. We could be recording our kids playing, watching a training video or watching an ad.

In fact, American adults actually watch an average of six hours of video per day.

You may wonder why the content-intensive, social-media driven world is so full of videos but it is the answer is  quite simple: humans process images 60,000 times quicker than they process text.

So, how does your business capture some of this  time? Tell your audience a story they want to hear. Create simple, relatable and easy to share stories and you will connect with them.

To personalize a story, you will have to make an emotional connection with your audience. You know your business. and You could very well be the very best in your business. However, your target audience is going to make a gut decision on which company to use when looking for a  product or service .

Through the initial connection, comes trust. This coincides with your marketing campaign and determines its success. More than 60 percent of customers saying they are more likely to be interesting in making a purchase from a company who shows authenticity in their marketing campaigns.

Be consistent. Have a marketing strategy in place, make a plan for who your audience is, determine the style of video you will use and be sure to identify the goals of your video campaign.

Once you launch your marketing strategy,  utilize the video or video series to tell your audience who you are and stick to it! Building trust will not happen overnight. Creating an unchangingbrand through video marketing will help your audience remember who you are.

Make sure your story makes sense to your brand. Telling a story unrelated  to your product or service might entertain your audience,but it does not mean it’s building trust or selling your product.

More than 90 percent of people will reward a brand, and share what they’ve learned with friends and family.

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