The evolution of employee training videos (Part 1)

The process of training and using employee videos is nothing new to the modern world. The concept evolved over time and transformed into a complicated, strategic process. Trends, both good and bad, are noted in employee training videos throughout the years. Looking back at history is a way to learn from someone else’s mistakes which leads to making your videos the best they can be moving forward!


The Industrial Revolution is what sparked interest in employee training for those in the workforce. For the first time, millions of untrained workers approached employers. The surge forced businesses to train them quickly and efficiently. As factory jobs rose, the number of people using heavy machinery skyrocketed. Employers had to develop classroom training to keep up with demands. However, this approach created a downfall through lack of hands-on experience. People were expected to retain the information and dropped into the job without ever touching a machine. Classroom teaching is generally recognized as less efficient than a hands-on approach. Today, classrooms are also utilizing videos to properly educate and teach students valuable lessons and skills.

One-on-one instruction

During one-on-one instruction, a teacher typically observes and makes corrections as needed. This reduces costs and increases the amount of participation. This method of learning relies on taking steps that are divided up. After every step, there is a small test, quiz or prompt one must correctly complete. Feedback is immediately given by a teacher along with assistance when needed. This can present challenges since it requires skilled employees to be occupied with training and creating materials. Sometimes, the learning points do not correlate to the actual job at hand. Using video, this process is easier and can be vastly more efficient.

Online training

Computers are essential in today’s modern world. Access to it became a simple solution for training needs. The method of eLearning allows for individualized online instruction using digital tools, high-speed technology and visual sights for training. Webinars are extremely popular and feature a lecture style employees can access at work. Although, storing your knowledge on a cloud may become dated for employees wanting to brush up on old material.

Learning and development teams all over the world have implemented video into their employee training strategies. Today, video plays a huge role and can provide live demonstrations, social learning, and a way for companies to execute innovative ideas. What exactly are they doing? Find out more about modern employee training videos and how they have evolved next week in part 2 of this blog!

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