Tips For An Insanely Successful Video Marketing Campaign

Let’s face the facts – some customers are harder to find than others. It’s fairly easy to put a video out there for consumers to view via social media or a website, but what about the business-to-business crowd? Try using brands that are known for delivering smarter and out-of-the-box experiences to today’s wide variety of consumers.

Involve The Customer

Having clients that can create engaging content on your behalf is always a great way to exemplify that your company is credible, reliable, and superior to the competition. The key, according to Mark Fidelman, the Managing Director at Fanatics Media, is to create content that can be viewed in parts that will entertain and educate your audience. Having your consumers involved in the process will increase engagement and benefit every party involved.

Understand Consumer Preferences

Business-to-business enterprises often fail to draw in the amount of users they need because the marketers behind the campaign aren’t paying enough attention to consumer preferences. Fidelman explains, "They expect the audience – the same people who watch YouTube, Netflix and cable TV – to tune in to talking heads droning on about a problem the vendor solves without understanding who the interviewee really is or what their company is all about.” Try to reimagine the customer testimonial as engaging content as opposed to boring. If you do this, customers will share their experiences throughout the entire journey and you both will be happy.

Don’t Shy Away From Humor And Entertainment

When making a video, try to get away from the typical business-to-business video. Make it funny, educational, and fast-paced so your target audience is more likely to engage and share it. Although executives and other professionals can be hard to reach, they are really just like a typical consumer in that they want to be entertained and educated on things that they don’t already know.

Make It Identifiable

If business-to-business brands can create a “day in the life of…” experience with their current customers and shoot the video in an entertaining and compelling way, (that’s where Carley Creative comes in!) then these type of stories will resonate with potential customers who need the same type of problems solved.

Involve Influencers

Find a problem that your target audience may have, paint a picture for them, and then get relevant influencers to show your audience how to solve the problem by using your product or service. Using an influencer will help your business immensely. Let them show their own personality and they may even bring in their own following of people while your business reaps the benefits.

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