Top Video Marketing Trends in 2018

In today’s world, there is no shortage of marketing strategies for companies to choose from. There is SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, big data analytics and more. Amongst all these marketing strategies, video marketing has become one of the most preferred choices for brands and businesses all over the world. Instagram recently added the new IGTV feature. This move proves it’s enough to validate the immense popularity of video marketing in 2018.

Live video is one trend that has affected the video marketing scene in 2018. About 13 percent of web traffic from videos comes straight from live streaming. The biggest brands are using live video options on Instagram and Facebook to share a real connection with their audiences. Live videos are not only more spontaneous and appealing than pre-recorded videos, but they also help cut costs for marketers on heavy production and editing.

Paid videos are another trend influencing the video marketing world in 2018. Paid videos or marketing videos are using advertising on social media platforms as a way to maximize sales.

In 2018, video marketing has also created a space for e-learning platforms, where videos are used as a tool for training both company employees and monetary purposes.

Modern-day  brands are winning with video marketing with a strategy called brand value videos. For example, Consumer Cosmetics did an amazing cross-platform video promotion where they requested followers to ask   makeup tutorial questions on Snapchat. The answers were then provided on Facebook live. Similarly, Coke does an amazing job at coming up with short and fun videos for promotion.

Nowadays, you may have noticed more videos with captions. Many times, people in public places tend to watch videos without sound. That's why a new trend of adding captions to videos is in high demand. Adding captions to videos not only makes the content more clear, but also makes sure that the viewers have received the message.

In 2018, videos have become an irreplaceable part of digital marketing. Whether it’s advertising your retail brand, music or just another insurance plan, video content plays a huge role in increasing your business sales to another level. The reason why marketing videos are an all-time high, is the fact that every brand has a story to tell, and there is no better way to do that than a video to convey that message to audiences.

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