Types Of Video Content For Every Stage Of Your Marketing Funnel (Part 1)

Video should be a huge part of your strategic marketing plan for 2018 (okay, we **may** be biased on this one!). Over the past few months, we’ve been covering different video and digital marketing topics on our blog such as: secrets of successful video marketing; the key ingredients of a perfect social video; holiday video marketing tips; tips for an insanely successful video marketing campaign; video marketing ideas for small businesses; and our two-part series on video marketing trends for 2018. As business owners, we all know that working through the five stages of the marketing and sales funnel is imperative to capturing and retaining loyal customers. So which types of videos are right for which parts of your marketing & sales funnel?  

What Types Of Video Are Best For Catching Customers (Top of the Funnel: The Awareness Stage)?

The goal of the Awareness Stage is to show the value of your product or service, provide educational content, and to build a relationship with your new audience. It’s helpful to educate in this stage. This is not the stage to “sell” to your new audience or try to get into too many details of your products/services. To start building awareness for your brand, think about these types of videos:

Brand Films

Share your values, vision, and the core of your brand with your new audience. Use visuals, sounds, and storytelling to take full advantage of your video choice.

Animated Videos

Using animation in your videos provides visual and emotional stimulation for your audience, as well as creating a “wow factor” for your video content. These can be quick, “bite-sized” videos – think short, fun, and a little quirky.

Educational Videos

These types of videos offer real value to your audience that they can apply to their everyday lives. These should also be shorter videos and while you want to provide real, valuable information, you don’t want to give away ALL the information.

Video Documentaries

These can be similar to educational videos by teaching your audience something real, valuable, and new to them, but are generally more entertaining and stylized in a story-driven way.

Explainer/Tutorial Videos

These types of videos show your audience how to do something more efficiently or in a better way than they’ve been doing. They can be used to demonstrate your expertness and authority in your market, but also capture the “how to” and “hack”-themed search queries. These types of videos can also display your brand’s sense of humor and personality.

360-Degree Experience Videos

These videos can be much more involved and captivate your new audience with immersive stories, new places, and extensive experiences. Think of these as “behind-the-scenes” videos, event sneak peaks, live social media videos, or product features.

Stay tuned next week for the rest of our funnel!


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