Types Of Video Content For Every Stage Of Your Marketing Funnel (Part 2)

Last week, we discussed the top of the funnel for types of video content for every stage of your marketing funnel. This week, we will finish the funnel with the rest of our video content ideas! 

What Types Of Video Are Best For Building A Deeper Relationship With Your Customers (The Consideration Stage)?

At this stage, you’ll want to start nurturing that new audience you created from the top of the funnel efforts above. The idea here is to “gently” steer your audience toward reminders of why you are the best at what you offer and providing high-quality, original content without seeming too sales-y. So what types of videos help with this stage?

Video Emails

If you use email marketing in your digital marketing strategy, then send your subscribers targeted content with a special video with a specific call to action.

Product Videos

Showing how your product or service works is a great way to showcase the benefits of your audience signing up with your company as a new customer. This is one of the most effective videos you can use for your business!

Company Culture Videos

In the last funnel stage, you introduced your company to your audience, but now you can dig in a little to really get them hooked. Show the human side of your company, let your employees’ personalities show through, and connect on an emotional level with your audience. Ideas here include: a day-in-the-life of an employee, team-building activities, office pranks or parties, your “secret sauce” that makes you so special to your existing customer base, bloopers, and anything else you can think of!


Using these with your product videos can provide a double-punch to get your new audience hooked on you! In your product videos, you can showcase the benefits, but with testimonials, you build trust and credibility – and all from your existing customers!

Video PSAs

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) have always been designed to tug on your audience’s emotions and provide sharp, shareable content targeting hot-button issues in very creative ways. These types of videos can be used to gain trust with your audience and to create a positive image in the minds of your audience members.

What Types Of Video Are Best For Convincing Your Audience To Purchase (The Conversion/Decision Stage)?

At this stage, your audience is on the verge of signing up as a customer and are just finishing looking at their options. Basically, your leads are ripe for the picking and just need a little push (NOT a hard shove!) and you can easily convert them. What types of videos work well in this stage?

FAQ Videos

These videos can help calm any last questions or quibbles they may have with signing on the dotted line for your products or services.

Demonstration/Instruction-Type Videos

One thing that most consumers want to know is if you’ll be there for them after the purchase with any questions they may have as they begin to use your product or service. One of the easiest ways to demonstrate this for them is to set up instructional videos.

What Types Of Video Are Best For Retaining Your Customers & Referring Their Friends & Family (The Loyalty & Advocacy Stages)?

Thank You Videos

Marketing is a continuing conversation with your audience. As such, to keep your customers loyal and even turn them into advocates for your brand, little touches like a thank you video can mean a lot.

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