Valentine’s Day Video Marketing Ideas For Any Size Business

Valentine’s Day serves as an exclusive opportunity to connect with your audience by leveraging the holiday in your video marketing campaign. Although there are many other brands with the same goal, there are a number of ways to stand out from the rest. Using video will already put you a step ahead of those who aren’t choosing to utilize it. Video based campaigns have the highest average click through rate of all advertising mediums.

Use Animation

Animation videos help to tell a story, are easy to understand, and the possibilities are endless. You can really make an animation video about anything. They are a great way to convey your message in a powerful way that your audience is sure to remember. Brands such as Chipotle and Heinz have successfully used animation to portray a love story. This simple video template is a great place to start.

Hold A Love Story Contest

One Valentine’s Day campaign that you may have seen before is the Dunkin’ Donuts love story contest. After the contest closed, one lucky couple’s love story was featured and Dunkin’ helped with their engagement. Ask your community to share their love stories and give away a gift to the winner. It could be a product or service your company provides or it could be simple gift of flowers or dinner.

Offer A Discount

Everyone loves a great deal! Offering Valentine’s Day discounts and deals are a way to drive revenue on many different holidays. Not everyone has a significant other, but all of your consumers will have access to this sale and for those who may be spending the day alone, your sale could be the highlight of their entire day!

Spread The Love

Many people feel underappreciated when Valentine’s Day comes around. Thank your customers for contributing to your success by creating a thank you video or GIF to share on your social media platforms or via email. Remind them that they are appreciated and that you’re working hard for their business.

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