Video Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Video marketing is an undeniably powerful tool for all businesses to utilize. It’s a great way to engage with the customer and build a personal relationship. At one time, only large businesses with high advertising budgets could use video marketing, but now businesses of all sizes are able to apply it within their marketing campaigns. It has never been easier or more cost effective to create video content for your business than it is right now. Video marketing is a great way to promote products to remote customers and to bring traffic to company websites and social media accounts.

Here are some video marketing ideas for small businesses:

Post Your Videos On Company Landing Pages

Landing pages are very important when it comes to lead conversion marketing. Because video content does a great job of pulling a customer in, it works well to use on landing pages where you direct your customers. Placing a video on the top of your landing page creates a clear call to action and an opportunity for customers to play a video that contains your pitch. Your video will keep their attention long enough to become invested in your message. This is also a great opportunity to use your best visual, detailed, educational and entertaining information that will catch the eye of all of your potential customers that have been directed to your site.

Make Your Videos Mobile-Friendly

Mobile devices are now the leading online interface, beating out desktop computers and laptops. More than half of people that access the Internet do it solely via mobile devices. Big areas of plain text are becoming more and more obsolete to viewers. Video content works very well on mobile devices because it is perfect for the scrolling consumer that is killing time while waiting in line or on their break at work. Make sure to diversify your content with a wide range of topics that are compelling and informational. Make your videos lighthearted and easy to follow along. Viewers will click away if they have to think too hard or sit through a lengthy message that they may not have time for or care about.

Display Your Products And Services In Action

Giving consumers insight into your unique products and what you have worked hard on is always a good idea. Demonstration videos are a great way to display your products and show your consumers why they should buy from you as opposed to other competitors. Things like tutorialscustomer testimonials, and product reviews are also an engaging way to build trust and allow your customer to get to know who you really are. If you separate them into different segments, viewers will be more motivated to watch the entire series.

Provide Interactive Connections With Your Consumers

Video marketing has started a new wave of communication between businesses and their consumers. Things like video chatting and Facebook live are more personal (and effective) than standard text. Having a platform where consumers can ask questions and make comments makes communication between both parties super simple while building interest. You will receive data and insight and the consumer will feel heard and appreciated.

Once you learn the massive power that is behind video marketing, you’ll utilize it as much and as often as possible. Adding it into your marketing campaign to create a multimedia marketing strategy will connect you with consumers and promote your business all at once.

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