Video Marketing Trends That Will Explode In 2018 (Part 2)

As we said in last week’s blog post, the world of video marketing has grown exponentially in the past few years and continues to grow every day. There are millions of product videos, tutorials, educational videos, testimonials, and more that are changing the lives of businesses who use video marketing and the consumers that are affected by it. It is essential to keep up with current trends and how they may be important to your business in the future. Here are more video marketing trends that will take the Internet by storm in 2018:

Sponsored Videos

Video marketing has the power to launch paid advertising campaigns of all sizes successfully. Video advertisements that are found across many different platforms serve as an opportunity to multiply conversions, partner with influencers, and increase engagement to give your marketing plan an extra boost. Remember to stay informed and measure the results so that you can correct anything down the line that may not be working.

Mobile Video

One of the reasons why video marketing has become such a popular trend recently is because of how well video can be integrated into mobile devices and social networks. This is because phone providers saw an opportunity to give you a video camera at your fingertips that you can use to capture special moments and share your experiences with others in a simplistic way. There are also many forms of videography such as 360 degrees videos. This modern type of video allows you to capture footage from all angles making viewers feel like they are really there and in on the action.

Brand Authenticity

Videos have the ability to increase user confidence and trust in a brand, making it easier for consumers to get behind any given brand. Showing your audience that there is a trustworthy team behind every video gives the customer a sense of loyalty. Creating videos that really make a  difference in the eye of your consumer will benefit both parties.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are videos that you may consider to be “short, sweet and to the point,” but they are also an ideal tool to explain a product, service, or idea to your audience. They are known for making an impact and driving results. Visual elements help viewers to understand things in a way that isn’t too harsh on the brain and can be very enjoyable to watch if done correctly. One example of an industry that has taken over the idea of explainer videos is healthcare. This is because videos are an easy way to communicate complex ideas and educate people outside of what they might be used to.

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2018 is bound to bring new and innovative ideas to video marketing as the industry continues to grow and expand. Which trend are you most excited for? Let us know – here at Carley Creative we are here to listen!

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