Video production can enhance your wedding photography business

There is nothing quite like a wedding. It’s one of the biggest days in a bride and groom’s life. Wedding parties will shell out for the best of the best on their big day. Whether your a wedding photographer or a videographer, video production can work wonders for your business.

Clients are looking for unique videos now more than ever. They are a better way to get noticed than the standard wedding photos that every bridal party orders. Don’t leave the money on the table. Enhance your business and help your business grow by opening the doors to video production. Having creative control of both still photography and videos allows you another way to tell the story of the bride and groom

Although much of the equipment is the same, photos and videos are shot very differently. Don’t try to shoot video in addition to stills. Take time to build a team that will allow your business to offer the best possible video.

First start by building a portfolio comprised of your best work. You’ll need to consider the best route for your brand too. You may have to do a few weddings for free, and you may not. If you have to spend a few weekends working for free, take the time to experiment and work to discover how shooting the video will work best for you.

On the day of the wedding, it’s important for you to be there for the important events, and the not so important events. Always have two photographers on hand. One will follow the bride, and one will follow the groom.

It’s important to shoot video of the wedding preparation before everyone gathers for the ceremony. During the ceremony have a photographer and a videographer tied to the hip. Make sure they are both getting the same shots, and when moving around independently, always come back to one another to ensure the same shots are being captured.

After the wedding and editing is complete, share the video with your team. It’s important to get a second set of eyes to make sure that your coloring, editing and musical choices work well for the client.

There are different options you can add for video marketing which include ways to post your video on several social media platforms. Try an Instagram story clip, or Snapchat clips. This can also help spread your video by word of mouth. By adding video to your photography company, it can greatly enhance your bottom line and marketing for your business.

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