Video Production Myths, Debunked

For many businesses, reluctance to adopt video can come from fear of the unknown. In the past, video production and marketing were expensive, difficult, and hard to track results. All of these issues have all become user friendly in the past few years. Video technology has come a long way in a short amount of time. There are all sorts of platforms provided to the public that allow consumers to create and share videos with ease. There are many myths still out there about video production. If you want to create awesome corporate videos that will get you noticed, then continue reading for video production myths that you should keep in mind.

Myth #1: Video Is Time Consuming And Too Difficult.

Many people don’t know where to begin when it comes to video production. They may have the misconception that it is a time consuming process with too many steps, but modern video production and marketing require a lot less effort with the same stunning results. Today, many people are shooting video with their cell phones. Although DSLRs and equipment such as lighting and sound are important to think about, a smart phone can capture videos of your life, events, or even customer testimonials at your fingertips with ease. Videos do not always need to be scripted either. As long as your videos are authentic, genuine and relatable, your audience will appreciate and share your videos.

Myth #2: Video Isn’t Used In My Industry.

If your industry does not use video yet, then it is time to start! The demand for video is driven by the people who work for businesses and not the businesses themselves. Because video is industry agnostic, instead of focusing on B2B, try focusing on B2H (business to human) and relate your video to the target consumer. The industries that lack video have the biggest opportunities to stand out among the rest. Whether you use animated video production, commercial video production or promotional video production, your video will surely make a splash.

Myth #3: Video Results Are Hard To Track.

Choosing the perfect home for your videos depends on which metrics are important to your company. YouTube tracks total views but not specific habits of people during their time watching the video. However, YouTube ranks higher in search engines. Other video platforms have other features you may want for your company. Learn more about the pros and cons of each one by checking out this article by convert kit.

On a simple video platform, only total views may be available for tracking, but if all of those viewers clicked out of the video within a few seconds, you would never know the difference. A more advanced video platform, however, will give you insight into how people watched the video, where they watched it, what they did after the video was over and much more. With this information, you will be able to define your audience’s interests and characteristics that will help you make your next video.

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