Ways to naturally include a call to action in your video content

All signs point to video staying at the top of content on the web. We have audience interest, Internet user engagement, and consumption habits to thank for that. By 2021, video will account for 82 percent of global web traffic! Half of all Internet users watch videos online every day.

Marketers all around the globe are using video to their advantage. The strength that video can give to a business is undeniable, but it can sometimes be hard to include a successful call to action. Your videos should include an engaging story as well as a call to action that is strategically integrated in the video. This approach will appeal to your audience’s emotions and logical decision making.

Use available platform features

Whether you choose to use social media or other third-party platforms, you should take advantage of any built-in features that you could use to integrate a call to action. YouTube, for example is a video powerhouse. They offer a wide variety of clickable options that you can add to your video. You can gain more subscribers, viewers and engagement using these simple features to insert a call to action.

Add end screen copy

The end of a video is a great spot to include a call to action as part of your video content. It is fairly standard for businesses to include an end screen with a logo and other copy such as website links or tags. However you choose to end your video, make sure it has a clear call to action. Some people will not make it to the end of an entire video, but the ones who do are the most interested and likely to take action.

Point toward your editorial content

Besides sending your viewers to your website’s landing page or other video content, you can also point them to similar content for further information and entertainment. This approach uses video in a way that it was created for; to immerse your audience in a video with a story that will pique their interest. For some, this may even lead to viewers binging your content out of pure curiosity.

Creating a video that tells a story with an effective call to action will allow your users to be captivated enough to act upon your call to action. What strategy works best for your company?

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