Why Businesses Should Have Bio Videos

There are a number of ways that your business can benefit from video marketing. Product features, customer testimonials, and promotional videos are ways to gain potential new customers once your target audience has discovered your brand. However, business bio videos are meant to introduce your target audience to your brand.

Most businesses nowadays have a strong brand identity, created through their culture, employees, and business practices. Professional business bio videos capture your brand’s identity and draw your audience in so they are able to learn more about your products and services.

Here are four reasons you should consider hiring a video production company for a business bio.

Awesome corporate videos humanize your brand.

It is time to put a face with your brand’s name. Oftentimes, businesses rely heavily on photos of inanimate objects for their website, such as logos, interior office spaces or exterior buildings. While this effectively defines the space or branding of your business, it does not accurately portray your brand. Business bios humanize your brand. By introducing your customers to your staff, you show the personality behind your organization. By utilizing testimonials, you show your business practices at work. Suddenly your business is no longer defined by a stagnant website or your 2D logo; instead, it is defined by the names and faces of your employees and the work that you do.   

Brand videos build trust.

In a brand video, you are able to highlight your employees and business practices. Just as bio videos humanize your brand, they also build trust. People want to work with people, and when they watch a video of employees explaining what makes the company something they believe in, your target market is more likely to trust your brand. Business bio videos allow you to explain why your current customers already trust you and why your future customers should trust you with their business.

Watching a video is way more exciting than reading a bio.

It is a game of would you rather. Do you want to spend ten minutes reading a company’s about page on their website or do you want to watch a three-minute bio video that introduces you to the company, employees, workspace and business practices? 59% of business executives said that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they would rather watch the video. Furthermore, four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a company or product than read about it. Bio videos will draw consumers to your brand because they are more exciting for them to watch.

Creative commercial video production attracts social media users.

When you hire a professional commercial video production studio to produce and film your business bio, the studio will optimize your content for social media sharing. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all optimized for high-quality videos so that you can share your bio on social media. Social media users will be more likely to stop and watch your video than a text post. You just have to make sure you capture their attention in the first few seconds to keep their attention. There are also a number of other purposeful uses for bio videos that will help your brand attract views and potential customers.

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