Why Is Video Marketing Important For Your Business?

Everyone is talking about video marketing, but what’s with all the hype? Is it REALLY that effective? The answer to this question is yes, and by a lot more than you may think. Video marketing is on the rise thanks to social integration and investments. Nearly every major company out there has incorporated it into their marketing plans and/or budgets. This is because they want to engage with consumers and connect with them through whatever message they may be wanting to relay. This, in turn, gains trust and forms a relationship that brings in paying customers. Believe it or not, Small Business Trends says that social videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined. That’s a big number. Even just using the word “video” in the subject line of an email or social media post increases engagement by more than 65%!

Below are some major factors that have led to the rising of video marketing popularity:

SEO Benefits

Videos have a very large and direct impact on search engine results. It is modern common knowledge that rich media, which includes streaming video, is popular among search engine algorithms. Google owns YouTube and is constantly adjusting its algorithms to give users a more meaningful experience when using its search engine tools. Because all users have different objectives when using a search engine, the search results vary from different types of mediums including videos, text, and photos as opposed to exact keyword matches. After implementing this change, search result now distinctly feature videos in nearly all top search results.

Sharable Content And A Break From Boring

The amount of content on the internet is nearly unlimited. People can become easily overwhelmed and have a hard time processing a screen full of text. Videos are not only engrossing and eye-catching, but they are also a breath of fresh air in the midst of an information overload. It is easier for your brain to process visual content as opposed to textual. This is another reason why videos have such a strong impact when relaying information rather than other means of communication. Users are also more likely to share videos than any other form of content. Video marketing is a great tool for businesses of all sizes to exhibit their vision, mission, products, news, and anything else they find to be important.

Facebook Has Boosted Its Video Strategy

Recently, Facebook announced that views on videos have doubled from 4 billion views per day to 8 billion views per day over a time period of only seven months. (Crazy, right?) This exponential growth shows the potential growth of advertising dollars, businesses of all sizes, and increased engagement from viewers. Facebook also implemented picture-in-picture viewing which allows users to watch a video as they browse their home news feed. Both Facebook and marketers alike are constantly creating more video infrastructure in order to take advantage of video marketing and its growing popularity.


There are many different objectives that can be achieved through video marketing, some including education, entertainment, inspiration, spreading brand awareness, and many others. People are a lot more likely to educate themselves through videos and reviews on the Internet before making decisions. Videos drive traffic and engagement, convey information better than other types of content, and promote trust in a brand and its products. This is where the effectiveness of your video comes into play. Because of this, video marketing is becoming a critical component of every company’s marketing mix and hiring a professional is a must when creating success video content.

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