Why your videos should be marketed toward Baby Boomers

Companies that still think social media is just for younger generations aren’t living in the 21st century. There is a whole demographic of people that are being ignored via social media. This generation is known as the Baby Boomers. Many marketers solely focus on Millennials and Generation Z, but in reality, Baby Boomers have the money and time to spend. This makes them a practical target for marketers across the globe.

Digital channels

More than half of all Baby Boomers have a smartphone and over a third have an alternative mobile device. Google says the best way to reach Boomers is through online video. YouTube was found to be their preferred source of video content. Surprisingly, Baby Boomers have a 10 percent higher viewing rate on YouTube than Millennials!

Why do they like it?

Video is a popular type of content among all generations because it can appeal to people from different demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Humans use video as a way to express feelings and emotions that everyone can be affected by. Watching other people do activities or use products allows viewers to relate or feel something more that cannot be gained through a simple photo or text.

After AARP created a video series on YouTube, the company received more than 5 million hits! Here is what they had to say about it:

"One of the goals of our marketing is to explore and document people living life to the fullest, to debunk the myths about growing old. We’ve got some amazing stories to help us do that, and in many cases video is quite simply the best format for bringing them to life." –Barbara Shipley, Senior Vice President of brand integration at AARP.

The benefits

Using digital channels is a way to enhance any marketing campaign by offering content that will be engaging for viewers. One of the best benefits is the ability to be as creative as a company wishes. Different lengths, topics and platforms will allow for incredible return on video and results that you may have never seen before.

Age is just a number! Don’t count anyone out when marketing to clients because the Baby Boomer generation could be your key to success!


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